Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Peepshi? I don't think so.

RIGHT. Making sushi out of Peeps®. It looks so easy. The end result looks so cool. Aren't they just the cutest things ever??? Makes you want to run out to buy a boatload of Peeps and get started this afternoon.

WRONG. Ask ANYONE in TAC and he or she will set you straight. Peeps are the most uncooperative crafting material ever. EVER. Did I mention ever? Literally 9 months later, they were still squishy and not dried out from our epic fail to enter a diorama into the Washington Post's annual Peep Show contest last year. Just back away from the Peeps with your X-acto blade in the air and no one gets hurt.

Fine. You want to live dangerously? Don't  say I didn't warn you. Peepshi directions are here.

The far better way to deal with Peeps is by looking at the winners of the 2016 Peep Show. And bow down to their creators. This year's winner is "A Peep Inside (Out) Donald J. Trump."

Or, better yet, just bite their little heads off and enjoy.


Peace out, Butterscouts -
Miss Sara, aka Bubblegum Zombie Eternal

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