Monday, March 14, 2016

What is your Anime Series Title???

Okay. True confessions. I do not read Anime. It's not my thing. Maybe it is the whole reading back to front concept? Maybe it is just too many characters to keep track of? Maybe it is that whole alternate universe thing? Maybe it is all those overly big eyes? Whatever the case, I just don't read it. I try like heck to buy some titles now and then when my informants clue me in, but, I admit, it isn't always on my radar.

So, as my apology to the Anime fans out there, I am sharing this funny Anime Series Title generator that was posted today on Baker & Taylor's website. THIS I understand. And find funny. Give it a whirl and share YOUR Anime Series Title.
Peace out, Butterscouts -
Bubblegum Princess X (My maiden name series)
Bubblegum Zombie Eternal (My married name series)


  1. Replies
    1. Ha! Goth? Having trouble getting past that....

  2. I was dared, so I can't resist...
    Vampire Zombie Cowboy

  3. Omega Princess Ultimate and Neon Hamster Ultimate are amused yet confused by our names

    1. Oh my word... Neon Hamster Ultimate is cracking me up. Omega Princess Ultimate is sweetly strong and confident.

  4. Blood Princess Eternal (Becca THINKS she wins with this one.)

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